Davidoffs encapsulate perfectly their precious legacy and rich history. They are synonymous with luxury, top quality, great cigar-making and a singularly masterful art.
They are an ideal choice for people who wish to have a highly sophisticated, luxurious cigar on a special occasion and look forward to moments of utter smoking enjoyment.

Every single Davidoff cigar features an aged blend of at least 6 years, goes through 70 different processes, involves 300 manual tasks and undergoes countless and thorough checks starting from the seed and all the way to the end-product.

Every Davidoff-branded case solely contains handmade cigars that are flawless, uniform, identical as to their hues and color and guaranteed to meet the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs and aficionados of the highest quality.

To Zino Davidoff every single customer was VIP. He would always lend an ear to their desires, wishes or complaints, talk to them and show how much he cared about their needs as he was well aware that a happy customer is a loyal customer. “To me luxury is about meeting talented, courteous, elegant and educated people“, he said.

Davidoff cigars are still being made with the same inalienable passion, affection and mastery that keeps alive, in a timeless and classic manner, all of the values that Zino stood for. He was, after all, an inspiration for both his successors and his competitors.